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SAC Tactical - Defensive Firearm Training

It is better to train and never utilize the skill, than it is to need the skill and have never trained for it. Don't be the person that does not train.

"A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined....."

                                                                     -George Washington

"The Constitution shall never be construed...to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms"

                                                                                     -Alexander Hamilton

Let's Train Soon


SAC Tactical  has over 30 years of experience in the firearm industry in tactical, competition and training  applications. Alan Sims is a NRA Certified Instructor, Firearm Trainers Association Instructor (FTA), USCCA Associate Instructor, Faith Based Security Leader with the Faith Based Security Network and has completed training with Strategos International and Sheepdog Seminars. Insured  Instructor with FTA Protect. Concealed Carry Insured with USCCA. You can reach us thru the Contact Us page on this website.


Here at SAC Tactical,  we believe that it is your duty, your right and your privilege to protect yourself and your loved ones from the inherent dangers that come with living in this society. As such, we endeavor to train & equip individuals in the use of firearms to protect themselves and their family. It is our hope, that this type of protection would not be needed by anyone at anytime. But as we say here at SAC Tactical,  "It is better to train and never utilize the skill, than it is to need the skill and have never trained for it. Don't be the person that does not train."


To offer firearm training to the novice (those who have never handled a firearm) and to the experienced (those with previous training). One of our slogans at SAC Tactical  is, "train-train-train, then train some more."   We have classes from safety, basic pistol skills, advanced pistol skills, and tactics.


Our training consists of classroom, dry-fire, simulated and live-fire training in all aspects of efficiently and safely handling firearms ranging from revolvers, semi-automatic handguns, shotguns and AR/AK platforms. Safety is our primary concern. We also place heavy emphasis on mindset, situational awareness, tactics and appropriate gear. More Pics

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Defensive Pistol

To Be Announced

Advanced Defensive Pistol

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A student (Alumni) can always return and re-take a course as a refresher at no cost.


Alumni from any SacTac class can take future Advanced classes at a 50% discount.


Train Smart - Train Hard - Train Often


A skill has to be revisited often in order to stay sharp in that skill. Firearm skills are perishable.


Proper Order To Survive Violent Encounters

1.    Mindset

2.    Tactics

3.    Skill

4.    Gear


Training, Advanced Training and repetition in training is necessary to insure that your mind and body react in such a way that you and your loved ones are able to survive a violent encounter.

SAC Tactical - Defensive Firearm Training


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LET'S Train Soon


and then

Train Some More!!!