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(1) Defensive Pistol Class

To Be Announced


                                                 Friday:                              6:00pm-8:00pm (Classroom)                                        

Saturday:                         9:00am-1:00pm (Range)

 $150 Per Person             ´╗┐Husband & Wife only $250

                                                     "Satisfies requirements to obtain Florida Concealed Carry Permit"

Class space is limited. So register as soon as possible on our Register For A Class  page on this website. Safety is our primary concern. 


(2) ADVANCED Defensive Pistol Class

(Requires completion of  Defensive Pistol Class from accredited Firearm Trainer)

To Be Announced

Participant Furnishes His/Her Own Firearm & Ammo In Advanced Class

(SacTac Alumni is $75 per person for the Advanced class)

$150 Per Person                   ´╗┐Husband & Wife only $250

(Class Size Limited So Register Now)