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Don't Be A Victim

Several years ago, I was taught that preparation time is NEVER  wasted time. This a great concept to live by. So, why not prepare yourself and your loved ones to "not be a victim".  Bad guys look for soft targets to attack, steal, kill and destroy. Refuse to be that target of attack. Mindset is only the beginning. Then comes skillset. Train-Train-Train.

Train Regularly

When you train for something it causes your reaction times to shorten. Often times, acting fast  is the difference in life or death. Once you train and then continue to train, your instincts take control when you need it the most. Your body will only act on what you know. I like to say it like this; "when the bucket gets kicked, it's too late to fill the bucket, whatever is in the bucket is going to come out".  Train-Train-Train.

1. Be Aware     2.Run/Escape     3.Hide     4.Fight

There are 4 key elements to your survival during a violent encounter. You need to be trained  in all of these areas. We cannot go through life without considering possible scenarios that we might encounter. Without any formal training, your chance of becoming a victim increases dramatically. Don't be that "soft target". Train-Train-Train.

Be Responsible

Even if you have no one but yourself that you are responsible for, take the time to get the training that it requires to take care of yourself. If you have a family or other loved ones, its even more important to have the mindset and skill level of a protector. You can only get that type of training from qualified/experienced  trainers. Train-Train-Train.