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Pictures of Recent Training Conducted By SAC Tactical

We train both male and female shooters alike and from age 13 to the "more mature" (staying out of that argument)

We train individuals and groups. We keep the Instructor/Student ratio low to provide more effective training.

We qualify "sheepdogs" using the FBI Qualification Standards.

We train in Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun and the AR & AK platforms. We specialize in handgun self-defense training.

Group training is available. Ask us for the details.

Learn to shoot from different positions, using concealment and cover.

Sight Alignment - Sight Picture

Great Group

Clearing malfunctions are a crucial part of training

Mis-fire (light primer strike). Remedy? Tap/Rack

Let me just warn you. Don't mess with Torrey.

Classroom with rubber dummy pistols.

The group was able to shoot multiple firearms, from revolvers to semi-autos and different calibers (.22, .380, .38, .357, 9mm and .40's)

First time firing a pistol. Looks natural to me!!! Good job!

Dry-Fire practice in classroom (no live ammo in the room)

Hand strength challenges, eye-sight challenges, ALL OVERCOME!!!!!

Right hand shooter, Left eye dominant. OVERCOME!!!!

It starts in the classroom (Alan Sims & Scott McKenzie)