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Training Courses

Basic Firearms

For the novice just getting into firearms/shooting or refresher for the more advanced shooter.

  • Firearm Safety
  • Concealed Carry
  • Basic Pistol/Shotgun/AR/AK
  • Situational Awareness
  • Firearm Selection

Advanced Firearms

For those who are familiar with firearms and want to continue to advance their skills/training.

  • Advanced CCW Pistol
  • Advanced Tactical Pistol
  • Advanced Shotgun/AR/AK
  • Advanced AR/AK
  • Advanced Shotgun

Tactical Training

This for the "sheepdogs" of this world. A "sheepdog" is anyone that takes protection serious.

  • Situational/Tactics
  • Combat Pistol I
  • Combat Pistol II
  • House/Building Clearing
  • Tactical Lighting